BDSS-IGERT Externships

Summer externships are a required component of the BDSS-IGERT program. These give students unique opportunities to engage in social data analytics research outside of Penn State. Students are particularly encouraged to seek externships in nonacademic environments, including private industry, government, and non-profits. This is a key element in BDSS-IGERT's mission to expand the conception of the social sciences and the social science PhD.

The BDSS-IGERT externship program has been highly regarded by both students and externship hosts, catalyzing both ongoing research collaborations and long-term job opportunities. 

BDSS-IGERT Externships, 2013-


ADRC Logo    Joshua Snoke (Statistics)

 Caerus Logo    John Beieler (Political Science)

Catalist Logo   Sayali Phadke (Statistics) 

CGA Harvard Logo    Molly Ariotti (Political Science)

CSSI Logo    Alex Ororbia (Information Sciences)

DSSG Logo     Fridolin Linder (Political Science)

DIW Logo    Rachel Koffer (Human Development & Family Studies)

The Family Institute     Stephanie Wilson (Human Development & Family Studies)

giCentre Logo   Jenny Mason (Geography)

 Google Logo   Wanghuan Chu (Statistics)

IBM Research Logo    Mo Yu (Information Sciences)

IDV Logo    Josh Stevens (Geography)

IHRP Logo    Jenny Mason (Geography)

IQSS-Harvard    Muhammed Idris (Political Science)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory     Sam Stehle (Geography)

Parus Analytics     Muhammed Idris (Political Science)

Pew Logo     Chris Inkpen & Timmy Huynh (Sociology & Demography)

Scitor Logo    Cindy Cook (Statistics)

Strava     Jonathan Nelson (Geography)

US Census Logo   Beatrice Abiero (Health Policy & Administration / Demography)

UZH Logo  Josh Stevens (Geography)

WaterSmart     Chris Inkpen (Sociology / Demography)