David Reitter

David Reitter

Assistant Professor of Information Sciences and Technology

Co-Director, Applied Cognitive Science Lab

E3 13 Westgate Building

University Park , PA 16802


Professor Reitter's research interests lie in computational cognition. His field develops models of human cognition that describe how humans communicate and how they make decisions. These models explain some of the most fascinating human abilities: verbalizing and spreading information within a vast network of social contacts. Portions of the human cognitive system are uniquely suited to communication, and these abilities are crucial to the intelligence emerging from human communities. Yet, the mechanisms underlying language comprehension and production are still poorly understood. While recent studies paint a picture of how memory and contextualization help humans comprehend a dialogue partner's ideas and individual language, we do not know whether human memory has evolved to support team-work and social cognition. Reitter's work investigates the relationship between cognitive processes in the individual and network-level emerging effects within teams.