Fridolin Jakob Linder (2014-2016)

Fridolin Jakob Linder, (2014-2016)

PhD Student, Political Science


  1. Currently: Ph.D. Student, Political Science
  2. B.A. Political Science, University of Vienna
  3. M.A. Political Science, University of Mannheim/Washington University in St. Louis
  4. Current Advisor: Bruce Desmarais


Fridolin is a third year doctoral student in political science. He received his BA in political Science from University of Vienna and his MA in political science from University of Mannheim with an exchange to Washington University in St. Louis. His substantive research focuses on democratic representation, political ideology of voters and elites as well as elite behavior. He's interested in applying new developments in statistical methodology, especially in the fields of machine learning, statistical modeling of complex systems and text analysis, to political science research.


Political Science:
PhD Candidate

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