Timmy Huynh (2014-2016)

Timmy Huynh, (2014-2016)

PhD Student, Sociology


  1. Currently: Ph.D. Student, Sociology
  2. B.A., Geography / Economics, University of Texas, Austin
  3. M.A., Social Sciences, University of Chicago
  4. Current Advisor: John Iceland


Timmy is a doctoral student in sociology. His broader interests are in urban sociology, spatial demography, network science, economic geography, and (geo)visualizationMore specifically, Timmy's research interests involve the use of GIScience, network methodologies, and data analytics to answer questions about the spatial and network structure of the urban landscape (e.g., spatial segregation, migration flows, geopolitical relations, etc.) and the resulting effects on population and the economy.


PhD Candidate

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