The BDSS-IGERT team is engaged in an extensive array of research, ranging across the multi-disciplinary scope of the program.

Since 2012, BDSS-IGERT PhD student trainees and affiliates have co-authored over 150 papers and related scientific products (data, software, etc.) that collectively have garnered over 750 citations. For details on this research, please see the BDSS-IGERT Google Scholar Page. (Please see individual faculty pages for details on social data analytics research in the broader PSU community.)

Much of this research comes from the required 'research rotations' which are a part of the two year experience for each of the trainees.  Interested faculty can host one or more of the IGERT trainees in their lab/research group for 1-2 semesters to work on research questions that have big data and social science aspects (recent examples here) These are now largely arranged through the 'matchmaking' event held each fall semester. The first was held on Sept. 19, 2014 (more information here) and the next will be held in September 2017: Information about the Fall 2016 BDSS-IGERT Research Rotation Matchmaking Event.

In addition, the BDSS IGERT team is always open to working on projects that would or might fit the big data and social science aspects of the program's core mission. Projects where groups of students can collaborate, or that might serve as the basis of a 'hackathon' or other form of challenge event. Coming from varying backgrounds -- current IGERT Trainees are from Political Science, Sociology & Demography, Human Development & Family Studies, Statistics, Geography, and Information Sciences & Technology -- BDSS IGERT Trainees can bring a unique set of skills and expertise to bear on a problem or research question.

Interested faculty should contact the Program Coordinator, Kitty MacKenzie (),  with a brief description and we will be happy to set up a time to discuss the options.